The Top 10 Best Microphone Packages and Bundles

We found some top rated microphone bundles and packages to recommend

If you’re in need of some recording equipment, in particular a microphone with a few accessories to get going on your musical endeavors, we found a few bundles that may perfect to help you save some money. Microphones aren’t necessarily cheap, and it can be confusing which accessories you actually “need” or can suffice without for the time being. Luckily in the music gear world, a lot of our favorite brands (and a few of our favorite mics in general) come with some “packages” that can cover some bases you were already planning on purchasing separately, creating a nice little collection of gear to get us recording right out of the box. Let’s get into the top 10 best microphone packages we found that are worth buying today.

What to look for with microphone packages

The terms “package” and “bundle” are pretty subjective, and we’ve learned after both personal experience and research that there are a lot of variations out there. With that being said, we wanted to highlight the popular accessories included in microphone packages so you can have an idea of what to look for as well as what to prioritize when it comes to your own personal needs. Here are the popular microphone accessories you’ll be need to get recording. Use this as a check list to see if you already have them, or what you can get away with buying later down the road or perhaps on the side of your chosen mic package.

  • Mic stands: Unless you’re planning on using a USB microphone with a desk stand in a more traditional office setting (which aren’t offered in packages at the moment, as many already have stands and mounts built-in), you’ll need a stand for your microphone to stay in place. You can always purchase a mic stand separately which aren’t too expensive and range from $20+ and up; however, a few below will include one in the box in case if it’s a big deal for you.
  • Shock mount: This accessory, for lack of a better phrase, is that “little cage” that will keep your microphone housed. It’s main job is to of course protect the mic from damage, but also isolate them from mechanical noise as well (also known as absorbing the shock and vibration isolation that sometimes occur when using microphones).
  • Pop filter: Also known as pop shields, wind filter, etc. Have you ever recorded and hear those “P’s”, “S’s” and “K’s” just straight up ruin your mix? The pop filter will help reduce the extra emphasis certain letters, words and phrases make. We always recommend using one.
  • Audio interface: Although not an absolute must to actually start recording, audio interfaces in our opinion nowadays are what makes or breaks a home studio. Think of these devices as an “external sound card” that processes your recordings way better than going through your actual computer itself — not only in terms of audio quality, but ‘latency’ as well (there will be a slight “lag” at times without interfaces). Most of all, it provides something called “phantom power”, something many of these mics below need (actually, I believe all of them do) to even work in the first place. You can also plug-in your headphones to the audio interface to ‘monitor’ your mix, as well as a few other pieces of gear you may have at hand if the interface has more than one USB hub (or perhaps some MIDI connectivity).
  • Necessary cables: We need to actually hook this equipment up of course, so keep in mind if the package actually provides the cables you’ll need to work the gear that it comes with. Also make sure they’re the “right” cables, such as a USB cable for your audio interface, or an “XLR cable” that plugs in to the mic (that three-pronged circle that hooks up to the end of the mic).
  • Headphones: Many of you may already have headphones laying around, but if you do want to optimize your recording endeavors and have headphones that are specifically for recording environments, some of these packages come with some very nice closed-back, over-ear headphones that are ideal for microphone uses. If you already have headphones, other packages may be more feasible for you.
  • Music software: Last but not least, we have to store our recordings, mix and then create songs together somewhere, right? Even if you’re podcasting, some music software will be feasible for your use. All in all, you can always get away with using free software found around the net, but some of these microphone bundles below either come with some “lite” versions of popular DAWs, or perhaps full version of the brand’s own music software.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a microphone package out there with literally every single thing in this check list. However, there will be some that come pretty close. For example, there are a few with audio interfaces as the staple-point of the package, while lacking a mic stand or perhaps a pop filter. If an audio interface is a big must for you, you can always just grab the few missing pieces on the side to save some money on the interface. In fact, we’d recommend this focus since audio interfaces can be expensive, and it appears they become greatly discounted with packages. On the other hand however, there aren’t many packages that actually include software, so if you’re in need of a DAW, grab a package with some decent software and just grab a few extra accessories along with it.

The top 10 best microphone packages and bundles

Rode NT1-A Condenser Mic Bundle

The best microphone package

In the microphone package:

  • 1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (Rode NT1-A)
  • 1 shock mount (Rode SM6) with integrated pop filter
  • 1 20′ XLR cable
  • 1 mic dust cover
  • 1 studio secrets DVD

Here’s one of our favorite microphones of all time, especially in the lower-range of the studio microphone price-point. Highly reviewed by users for its overall clarity, warm sound, and overall build stability, the Rode NT1-A here is one of the best microphone packages available today if you aren’t concerned with interfaces or software and just need the gritty accessories for recording. Included with the standard microphone, shock mount, pop filter, and cable, the Rode bundle provides everything needed to get started with a home studio or basic recording. Known for its clarity of sound and its versatile use across all recording platforms (recommended here however are vocals, guitars, or pianos), this bundle is relatively durable, with a compact design that makes it both lightweight and easy to use. This quiet studio microphone provides a dynamic range of both sound and frequency, making it a popular choice for both vocal and instrumental recording by many professionals. A bonus for those who are just starting out is that it even comes with an instructional DVD to walk you through step-by-step in the setup process, ensuring that you get every bang for your buck. A quality set at a stable price, the Rode NT1-A mic bundle is a comparable option as the best microphone package for both beginners and semi-professionals alike.

sE Electronics X1 S Studio

Another one of the best microphone packages in the market

Included the microphone package:

  • 1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (X1 S)
  • 1 RF-X relfexion filter
  • 1 isolation pack with popshield
  • 1 XLR mic cable (3 meters)

Designed for those who are recording in spaces that don’t offer the best acoustic backgrounds like a studio would, the sE Electronics X1 S studio bundle provides everything you need (and then some) to achieve that professional quality sound associated with a home studio. The included shock mount makes setup and tear down easy with its quick release mechanism when inserting both the metal pop shield and microphone, and allows for flexibility in how these accessories are positioned. This will be great in case you plan on recording on-the-go, or perhaps going to a friend’s to collaborate. This bundle also contains a “reflexion filter” to cover the outer rim of your microphone, making sure that what you are recording is going directly into your mic and not being comprised with any external sound. This allows for a dry sound that gives the user the opportunity to be creative in adding in their own background mixes or acoustics to provide depth to their recording. A solid quality that is great for the price, the sE Electronics X1 S studio is a great microphone bundle to keep in mind if that mini sound booth stands out to you, although it unfortunately lacks an interface or software.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio

The best microphone package if you need high-quality

In the microphone bundle:

  • 1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (CM25)
  • 1 audio interface (Scarlett 2i2)
  • 1 pair of closed-back studio headphones (HP60)
  • 1 XLR cable (3 meters)
  • 1 copy of Ableton Live Lite music software
  • 1 copy of Pro Tools First software
  • 1 copy of Focusrite Creative Pack (plug-ins and effects)

As with most things in life, having to wait on information is not always ideal. That being said, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio boasts as one of the best microphone packages due to its superb audio interface with low latency in recording transfer, letting you hear an accurate depiction of your sound in your included headphones almost immediately as you record. With an included condenser microphone that is feasible for beginners or home studios, as well as some high-quality closed-back headphones, the two preamps in the interface let you plug in and record both vocals and instruments at the same time, with two outputs available to transfer your recording to your software for mixing. Plus, while recently releasing a new design, the Scarlett 2i2 uses the amp from your mic to let you know how the overall sound of your recording is being produced, with a green light indicating a good signal and a red light demonstrating a need for adjustment. A budget friendly price with high quality features, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio is a great pick when considering which microphone bundle is best for you. It also comes with a great music software free trial in Ableton Live Lite, and some plug-ins and effects to mess around with in post-production as well. You’ll just have to buy a mic stand, shock mount and pop filter on the side.

PreSonus AudioBox Studio

Another great microphone bundle, especially if you need some software

Included the mic package:

  • 1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone (M7)
  • 1 pair of semi-open headphones (HD7)
  • 1 AudioBox USB audio interface
  • 1 copy of Studio One 3 digital audio workstation software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 XLR microphone cable

For those users who are in the middle of the road between just beginning and at a professional quality, the PreSonus AudioBox Studio has everything required to record and mix your music and create your own sound (aside from again a stand, mount and filter). This one rivals the previous Focusrite package we had just mentioned, however this may be more suitable for you if you need to save a few bucks, since it’s often found priced cheaper. The condenser microphone and included headphones allow you to both capture and hear those low and high frequencies that are often difficult to achieve and let you know exactly where you need to fine tune you recording for your optimal sound. It’s the included Studio One software however that really makes this bundle something to consider — it is the full version of PreSonus’ spin on a DAW, and although not quite as popular as Ableton Live Lite, won’t require you to be limited when using it (since others with software usually come as trials). With its USB connection that works on most Mac and Windows devices, the AudioBox interface is also easy to hook up to your microphone and transfer your recordings on to your software for mixing. Its compact design also makes it ideal for travel, so that you can take your studio with you wherever you go. One of the best microphone packages available, the PreSonus AudioBox Studio is a great pick not only for home studios but for the musician on the go as well.

MXL 770 Studio Package

A great high-quality condenser mic package

In the mic bundle:

  • 1 MXL 770 condenser microphone
  • 1 boom mic stand
  • 1 pop filter
  • 1 shock mount
  • 1 microphone carrying case
  • 1 XLR microphone cable

With everything you need to get started on your recording journey, the MXL 770 Studio Package gives you all of the tools for a high quality recording besides an interface and software at a budget-friendly price. Hitting just above the hundred-dollar mark, the small condenser microphone is the biggest highlight here (which provides both a wide range of frequency and a high dynamic range in your recording). The 770 is one of the most popular lower-end condenser mics ever made. It locks into place with the adjustable tripod mic stand for a secure and stable recording device. The included pop filter works in tangent with the mic to make sure there are no external “popping” noises heard when recording, and the twenty foot cable makes it easy to connect to any device you are using to transfer and mix your sound. Well reviewed by users for its low-end price and easy setup, the MXL 770 Studio Package is everything you need in your recording endeavors, and is a big favorite for those on a tighter budget,

Focusrite iTrack Solo Studio

The best microphone package again by Focusrite

Included in the microphone package:

  • 1 condenser microphone (CM25S)
  • 1 audio interface (iTrack Solo)
  • 1 pair of studio headphones (HP60S)
  • 1 XLR microphone cable (3 meters)
  • 1 copy of Ableton Live Lite
  • 1 copy of Scarlett Plug-in Suite
  • 1 copy of Novation Bass Station Plug-in
  • 2GB of Loopmasters samples

Another big hit in the microphone package world by Focusrite, this one here is a bit less popular than the 2i2 because of the interface’s less ins and outs, but comes in a bit cheaper in case the previous bundle wasn’t in your budget. While it contains all the necessary equipment in order to create your own studio, it is the feature of being able to work on a variety of devices that makes this one of the best microphone bundles to purchase. With the ability to plug directly into your Mac, PC, or even your iPad, it is simple to transfer your music directly to the software you are using. The large condenser microphone works to give you precision and clarity in your sound if you’re in a home studio, which is easily heard through their closed-back, over-ear headphones that let you focus on what you are mixing and remove any background noise that can distract from your sound. In addition, the microphone and iTrack device are small enough in size that they are ideal for travel. Simply plug in the mic, attach it to your computer or iPad, and you are able to record wherever you may be. Regarded for its high quality sound and accuracy, the iTrack Solo Studio is a solid set for all users alike if you don’t need extra inputs for instruments and only intend on recording vocals. You also get the same software package as their previously listed bundle, but also included are some samples if you want to start producing as well.

Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Pack

A microphone package and bundle for drummers

In the drum mic package:

  • 1 kick drum microphone (D6)
  • 2 dynamic drum microphones (D2)
  • 1 floor tom mic (D4)
  • 1 snare mic (i5)
  • 2 studio condenser microphones (ADX51)
  • 4 rim mount clips (D-Vice)
  • 3 tension fit mic clips
  • 1 foam-lined hard-shell aluminum case

Let’s take a break from packages for vocalists and provide a nice bundle for drummers in case you’re somewhere out there reading this guide. If you’re one of those people who subscribe to the idea that “if you look good, you feel good,” then walking around with the Audix DP7 Drum Microphone Pack is sure to motivate you to record the best audio possible. Mainly designed with drum instruments in mind, the variety of microphones provided give you the exact precision and clarity you need for all different frequencies and level of sound. These seven microphones and clips adjust to the specific drum you are working with, from kick, snare, drum, and floor toms. Regarded for their very low mass (VLM) in their lightweight design, these microphones aim to capture an accurate reproduction of the music you are playing, and with a gooseneck design for flexibility you are able to record at all angles to fit the placement you need.  Well reviewed and known for their instrument-specific microphones, the Audix DP7 drum microphone package is a higher-budget option with quality results, regardless if you’re going to record or perform on stage.

M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II

Another one of the best microphone bundles by M-Audio

Included the mic bundle:

  • 1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • 1 audio interface (M-Track)
  • 1 pair of studio headphones
  • 1 mic clip
  • 1 XLR mic cable
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 copy of Ableton Live Lite
  • 1 copy of Waves plug-in pack

A customer favorite with highly regarded reviews, the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II is the sleek microphone bundle that provides you with upgraded technology for very clear recording. Designed to work in a variety of facets (vocals, instrumentals, podcasting), the included large diaphragm microphone, headphones, and interface are simplistic in design and user friendly. Sensitive to low noises and recording at a wide frequency, the microphone does well to captures your sound exactly as you record it so that you can go back in later and add your favorite effects provided in the included software (yes, Ableton Live Lite again, seeing a trend here?). Plus, with the compact design and durable nature of the microphone and device, it is easy to transport your “studio” with you so that you can record whenever inspiration hits. Additionally, the included headphones (which provide comfort in their adjustable headphone and padded ear cups) remove all external sound to let you focus in on what you are creating. Complete with everything you need for your own endeavors, the M-Audio Vocal Studio Pro II is yet another one of the best microphone packages out there in the music gear world, by a reputable brand in M-Audio.

Shure SM58-S Package

A nice live performance microphone package to buy

Included in the microphone package:

  • 1 dynamic microphone (Shure SM58)
  • 1 microphone boom stand
  • 1 windscreen
  • 1 20 foot XLR cable
  • 1 polishing cloth

Let’s talk live performance microphone packages to end the guide. Known for its unparalleled quality of sound and its durable design, the Shure SM58-S is considered to be one of the legendary and premiere microphones, making this package one of the best microphone bundles for singers on stage available on the market. At a budget friendly price that is realistic for many, the SM58-S uses a dynamic design within its microphones, intended on capturing the exact vocal it is recording in front of it and eliminating any external noise that may detract when coming from an audience. The bass roll off and brightened mid-range work to remove the low frequencies that detract from the sound and instead balance it with both the upper and lower frequencies. Additionally, the shock mount works to remove vibrations that may naturally occur in recording to give consistency within the audio. Plus, since this is a microphone that is known to be used for the stage as well as recording studios, it is known to be able to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear while remaining durable and reliant. With the rave reviews it receives from professionals and amateurs alike, the Shure SM58-S package is a strong option for those seeking the best microphone bundle if you’ll be on stage.

Sennheiser E 835 Bundle

The last package for microphones we'll recommend

Included in the microphone bundle:

  • 1 dynamic vocal microphone (Sennheiser E 835)
  • 1 microphone boom stand
  • 1 20 foot XLR microphone cable
  • 1 microphone clip
  • 1 carrying pouch (fits only the E 835)

To finish off this list in another live mic bundle is the Sennheiser E 835 bundle, complete with microphone, stand, connector cable, and pouch. The durable E 835 microphone is built for the stage and the studio alike, with the ability to handle high pressures of volume while simultaneously eliminating external noise that may disrupt the quality of sound. Designed within a “family” of microphones in their beloved E series, Sennheiser works to ensure great clarity within their audio recording while also reaching a wide range of frequencies. Continuously, the boom stand is designed with the ability to be easy to transport while still remaining sturdy and solid when in use. Adjusting for height and microphone flexibility is easy with a locking clutch that keeps everything in place, and tear down is minimal. Add in the included cable to connect to your equipment for mixing and the Sennheiser E 835 bundle is a quality option for a reasonable price, capping off our list of the top 10 best microphone packages in the market today.