The Best Wireless Microphones for Under $100

A review of some top wireless mics under $100

Wireless microphones for under $100 may seem like a rarity, but surprisingly enough there are quite a few solid options in this price-point even though this category can get very, very expensive if you look around the market. Typically most wireless mics with this budget-range will only include wireless handheld mics and a few wireless lavalier microphones, so most picks below will cover those bases for you. We’ve seen these used in quite a few different environments and applications, such as karaoke, speeches, live music and more.

The Best Wireless Microphones Under $100

Behringer ULM300USB

The best wireless microphone under $100

The ULM300-USB kicks off our list well, and this one is a cardioid dynamic wireless USB microphone with a built-in transmitter and an auto pairing USB receiver. We have it first because it’s the only of it’s kind in this price-point right now, the others needing an actual receiver unit and not being compatible with a computer unless you use some other gear. This one has a super easy module which is essentially a USB stick. On the mic itself, It has volume control buttons, an on and off switch, and mute function. This microphone’s wireless broadcast range is 200 feet, it uses a license-free 2.4 GHz frequency band which doesn’t allow any cellphone towers or TV stations to interfere and can be used anywhere in the world.

It has an extended battery life of 24 hours and is suitable for broadcasters, vocalists, podcasters or announcers. The Behringer ULM300USB has a high-quality capsule with a very good sound reproduction. We see it hover around $100 or so but the price fluctuates quite a bit around the net, so double check a few sources before buying. But if you can gather up a few extra bucks this is a great option as the best wireless microphone under $100.

GTD Audio U-35H

If you need a pair of handhelds, here's a good pick

This wireless mic (comes with two handheld units) uses SMT advanced technology, short for Surface Mounted Technology, which ensures its reliability and quality. This microphone has a two-channel receiver, volume controls on each channel and an LCD display that shows RF and AF levels, as well as channel frequency.

Its wireless broadcast range is 300 feet, works at carrier frequency of UHF 520 – 580 MHz, it has sensitivity of 107 dbm, an impedance of 600 Ohms and a frequency response of 45 Hz to 18 kHz. Its battery life is 9 hours. Ultimately, the GTD Audio U-35H is a professional, high quality and reliable UHF wireless microphone under $100 with a lot of user reviews to back it up.

Fifine Wireless Microphone System

A wireless lav package under $100

The Fifine Wireless Microphone System comes with a clip-on mic and lavalier mic, a receiver, an adapter for camera and an adapter for smartphone. It is a cardioid condenser UHF microphone ensuring noise reduction, it is powerful, battery powered which lasts for four hours, lightweight and the transmitter has an LCD that shows battery life and current frequency channel.

Regarding more specs, the Fifine Wireless Microphone most notably has a broadcast range between 45 and 60 feet, frequency response of 50 Hz – 16 kHz and has 20 frequency channels that can be used to find the best suited channel when experiencing interference. It works at a carrier frequency range of UHF 565 and 584 MHz and is ideal for presentations or vlogs. Its inborn high sensitivity ensures clarity.

Fifine UHF Handheld

Another solid under $100 wireless microphone with two handhelds

The Fifine UHF is a dual channel dynamic cardioid wireless microphone good for karaoke, public speaking or at home. It comes with two microphones, one wireless receiver, three audio cables for connection flexibility, an additional input for extra wireless microphone (can be purchased separately) and a power cord.

This microphone has independent volume controls, adjustable echo effect feature, a strong and reliable signal with consistent performance and operates at a range of 80 feet. Its carrier frequency range is between UHF520 and 578 MHz, frequency response is between 50Hz and 18kHz and sensitivity is -50.60 ±1dB. Look into the Fifine UHF Handheld for another option as the best wireless microphone for under $100 if you need two handhelds and the previous picks weren’t grabbing your attention.

Pyle Channel Microphone System-VHF

Pyle's highly rated wireless mics under $100

Pyle Channel is another super reliable wireless microphone for less than $100. This is a dual channel professional performance quality dynamic microphone VHF system which comes with dual independent channel receiver ensuring low distortion, two lavalier microphones and two headset microphones with two bodypack transmitters, individual volume controls.

The receiver and the microphone each have a power on and off switch and the receiver has dual independent antenna. This wireless microphone has a clear sound and stable signal with a frequency range of 174 Hz to 216 MHz. It has a sensitivity of 95dB and a high signal to noise ratio performance. The Pyle Channel Mic is just very reliable and flexible, by a brand very known in the lower-budget microphone game.

GTD Audio V-28H

Our last pick here

The last recommendation as the best wireless microphone under $100 here is the GTD Audio V-28H. This is a two channel VHF microphone system with SMT technology ensuring quality and reliability. It includes two handheld microphones with a two-channel receiver, each channel has its individual volume control; it also comes with a power adapter. It operates at a range of 300 feet and at a carrier frequency of VHF 210 – 270 MHz.

It has a battery life of 9 hours, its sensitivity is 107 dBm, an impedance of 600 Ohms and a frequency response of 45Hz to 18kHz. Its ideal for broadcast, performance, karaoke, etc. GTD dominates low-cost wireless solutions.

Concluding the Best Wireless Mic Under $100

Wireless microphones are very convenient to use because they don’t have cables or wires. They work on UHF or VHF signals and use battery to work. They work like regular microphones that have cables but have the potential of having problems like maintaining the frequency signal and keeping it stable and some systems need the transmitter to be in close proximity or in sight of the receiver.

So, it is hard to find the best wireless microphones, yet alone under $100 but these options we’ve gathered are quite reliable if you’re limited with some cash to spend. In this article, we have gathered some of the best wireless microphones and all that for under $100 that we hope helped your search. Let us know in the comments if we missed any models you’ve used before and recommend.