The Best USB Microphones for Under $50

Our picks on some USB mics under fifty dollars

USB microphones are a staple point of really any type of computer setup nowadays. We do remember when they were a rarity and just coming out on the scene, but in this day and age we see them nearly as essential as a mouse or keyboard. We’ve been writing guides on microphones for years now, in particular USB mics, but today we’re going to focus strictly on one budget: the best USB mics for $50 or less. Let us know if you have any questions, otherwise we’ll get right down to it below.

The best USB mics for an under $50 budget

Blue Snowball iCE

A low-budget USB mic to buy

We’ve lost count at how many times we’ve recommended this particular model in some of our guides, but it’s one of our favorites when it comes to being the best USB microphone for under $50, or any budget-friendly point for that matter (even USB microphones under $100). Blue is a heavy-hitter in the microphone game but more particularly USB. This model is their budget-friendly mic that comes with a built-in tripod stand, USB cable, a higher-end cardioid condenser capsule, 44.1 kHz / 16 bit sample , and a 40 – 18 kHz frequency response. The Blue Snowball iCe is great for recording (if you’re doing some music, such as vocals, we do recommend saving up some money because 24-bit is better), podcasting and streaming, and the size is also great for travel if you need to be on the go with this one.

Samson Go Mic

Another one of the best USB mics for under $50

Up next is another reliable and trustworthy brand, and this is our favorite USB mic for under 50 dollars due to it’s compact size, ease of use and reputation. If you’re traveling and need one of the smaller models in this guide, the Go Mic is nearly the size of a wallet — it can easily fit in a backpack, laptop bag or even pockets. Regarding specs, it’s compatible with Mac or PC (plug-and-play), 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution, a stereo 1/8″ headphone output for headphones if you need to monitor, and it comes with a cable, cable clip and case to carry it in. The Samson Go Mic is famous at this point, and is definitely a USB microphone under $50 to consider.

Marantz Pro M4U

One of the best USB mics under 50 dollars

This is a lesser known name brand and one of those cheaper models you can find on Amazon, but has so many reviews to back it up we’ll give it a whirl. It’s shaped like a traditional microphone so you’ll have to speak directly into that front part of it, but the built-in little stand is great for fitting it in your existing computer setup. For features, we have an A/D converter built-in to the capsule as well as a headphone output to monitor (zero latency). There’s an on/off switch so you can keep it plugged in and simply press the button if you need it on, or perhaps need to mute it if you need a breather. Comes with the cable and stand. The Marantz Pro M4U isn’t a bad option as the best USB mic for $50 or less if you weren’t feeling our previous picks.


Another great USB mic under $50 if you want a smaller option

Another lesser-known brand name here that we found around the internet but the reviews were great. Looks a little bit like a snake, and we like the sleek feel of it (as well as size of course for sitting well in our setup). It resembles a gaming type of aesthetic but is a great versatile option as the best USB microphone under $50 if you want an affordable and flexible mic option. That neck is totally bendable so you can form it how you want, and it has a cool blue LED light for visual effect (especially in the dark while you game). It has an acclaimed smart chip inside which blocks out noise and eliminates echo, and the LED light is switchable in case you aren’t feeling it. A nice versatile option here with the CMTECK USB Mic.

Samson Meteorite

We trust Samson so this is a good pick for you

Another great Samson model here we just couldn’t ignore. As you can see in their trends, we love the creativity and focus they’ve placed on affordable, relatively compact sized USB microphones under $50. The Meteorite (there’s also another model called the ‘Meteor’ that is a bit bigger albeit more expensive if you want to research it) offers a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, recording resolution of 16-bit, 48 kHz, direct plug-and-play, a magnetic base for positioning on your desktop, and a nice chrome-plated build. The Samson Meteorite‘s condenser mic is 14 mm large, which is a bit bigger than a few others in here so your pickup will be larger and more reliable.

Neewer USB Mic

The best USB microphone under $50 if you need a traditional mic setup

Here’s a USB microphone for $50 or less that looks more like the traditional studio-grade mic you’d see in recording studios or even podcast rooms. This one’s proven itself through a lot of time and user reviews, plus when it comes to affordability you just can’t beat this entire package as you can see what it comes with in the photo. The entire bundle includes: the condenser mic, scissor arm stand, mounting clip, pop filter, shock mount, anti-wind foam cap, and USB cable. It obviously isn’t a high-end thousand-dollar studio mic but the price for the Neewer USB Mic and what it comes with really just boggles our mind.

Audio-Technica ATR4697-USB

A different spin to a $50 or less USB microphone

Here’s another one we found randomly with a lot of user reviews to back it up despite being a different type than the others here. We do however love Audio-Technica as a brand and can back up the claims that all of their gear is high-end, not cheap whatsoever. It’s a ‘boundary microphone” with USB connectivity, which means it’s typically meant for ‘conference calls’ because the mic is flat and sits down on a desk to cover everything around it. The ATR4697-USB is still a feasible option for those wanting a cheaper USB microphone and want to stream or game, but we really don’t recommend it for recording vocals in music (podcasts can work).