The Best Microphones for Android Devices

We found the best Android microphones in the market

A microphone for your Android device will completely change your audio resolution, and as many are aware, is a big deal considering the stock quality really won’t cut it if you’re doing anything serious with it. We’ve seen many guides focus on microphones for iOS devices or even articles such as what we’ve written in our best smartphone microphone guide, but many out there rarely cover recommendations strictly for Android devices in particular. Today we wanted to do the hefty research for you and explain why each of these mics will be recommended, which of course will depend on what your needs individuals are.

Finding the best Android microphone

Unfortunately, there are way more external iOS microphones than there are for Android devices. For some reason it hasn’t become as widespread for Androids, which we’re assuming microphone creators are prioritizing due to the “more popularity” in the operating system and device type. But never fear, there are some gems out there we were able to find.

Aside from budget, you’ll have to look into what type of microphone you’ll be seeking for your Android device. The main types of mics in this particular article will include lavalier mics (the tiny microphones which can clip on to your shirt), shotgun mics (which will mount on to your phone itself and protrude out in order to record), as well as traditional condenser microphone (mics you’ll need to set aside on a surface to record).

The best microphones for Android devices

Shure MVL

Our pick as the best microphone for Androids

Up first as our pick to be the best Android microphone, the MVL by Shure is a lav mic which connects via a long 3.5 mm cord (you’ll need a TRRS connector and does not come with one). It is an omnidirectional microphone with a great signal-to-noise ratio that won’t distort on your easily and pick up a clear sound. Omindirectional means it will be picking up sound from all directions, so it’s great for being close to a speaker in an interview or presentation. It will however not reject any sides either, so the possibility for picking up sound from its surroundings will be more probably as opposed to a one-directional mic.

The sleek, discreet appearance is great for those who don’t want to necessarily portray that they’re recording, or at least make it less distracting or obvious. It comes with a windscreen, clothing clip as well as carrying pouch. We’ve seen this one used by musicians, podcasters, journalists, vloggers and more. You can also use their ShurePlus MOTIV App to record and have some extra settings to tweak for your recordings. Check out the Shure MVL for a high-end lavalier microphone for your Android.

Rode VideoMic Me

By far one of the best Android microphones in the market

Here’s Rode’s highly rated microphone for Android devices, and this one brings us a different design and means to capturing audio on your smart device. It’s very versatile since you can either position it for your front or rear camera. Termed a ‘directional’ microphone since it mimics a ‘shotgun microphone’ by capturing whatever source of audio it is exactly pointed at with its front end, and uses the 3.5mm headphone jack for play-through of audio. This is just a solid Android microphone all-around and is great for those who are capturing either themselves or a source in front of them. You also don’t have to worry about cables or clips and simply mount it to your device. We love the Rode VideoMic Me for any Android user needing a simple solution to upgrading their audio quality.

PowerDeWise Lapel Microphone

A great lavalier microphone for Android mobile devices

Another one of the best microphones for Androids is a lapel (also known as lavlier) and is quite budget-friendly for those just wanting a simple and affordable solution for a bit of an upgrade in the audio department. They advertise this as ‘noise cancelling’ but we’re sure this isn’t the technical and ‘real’ “Active Noise Canceling” we see in some headphones, but it’s still a great option for those wanting to record a close source and you’re OK with clipping it on somewhere near them or yourself. What’s also great is the super long extension cord that comes in the box (79″), extra wind muff, mono adapter, as well as carrying case for safe storage. We’ve also read through user reviews and see it’s been used for outdoor conditions and that you’re able to hold the mic nearly 10 feet away and still capture some sound. Check out the PowerDeWise Lapel for a great, budget-friendly solution to your Android microphone.

Audio-Technica ATR3350iS

Audio-Technica's best microphone for Androids

Next, a possible verdict as the best microphone for Android devices come to you by one of our favorite brands ever, with an affordable omnidirectional lavalier microphone with surprisingly great quality for the listing price. It has a sleek and low-profile design for minimal visibility, and there’s also an included adapter for smart phones (newer Androids), tie clip, battery, and foam windscreen. Again, the omnidirectional pickup pattern has full coverage of what’s around it, so it’ll depend on what you plan on doing with your Android mic. We know some who just need a directional mic such as the Rode listed above, or something like this to ensure you capture the whole picture. The Audio-Technica ATR3350iS is a great lapel mic for Androids.

Saramonic SmartMic

A convenient sized microphones for Androids

Here’s a bit of a different spin to the best microphones for Androids. The SmartMic is a little mini condenser that isn’t obtrusive at all and is flexible in terms of how you’re able to position it — it’s directional and can rotate 90 degrees. There’s also an integrated shock mount to help absorb some unwanted noise that may try to bleed through in to your recordings, and it’s super cheap on top of it all (one of the lowest priced in here). It isn’t necessarily the best at recording isolated sources, so if you’ll be in a busy environment and need something more professional this won’t be your pick. Otherwise, look into the Saramonic SmartMic if you want an Android microphone that’s super cheap and effective for what it’s supposed to be able to do.

Movo WMIC10

A beautiful wireless microphone for Android mobile devices

Let’s talk wireless Android device microphones. We include this particular microphone in many of our guides for a reason — effectiveness and affordability. The WMIC10 is a lavalier microphone with a bodypack transmitter (includes belt clip, too), and broadcasts on a 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum up to 50 feet. You can also adjust the volume gain and headphone monitor input on the transmitter itself. Operates using two “AA” batteries, so we’d bring some extra just in case it dies on you in the field. All in all however, this is the perfect pick for you if you wanted a wireless solution to your Android audio. The Movo WMIC10 is highly rated by many.

ZaxSound Condenser Microphone

The last pick as the best Android microphone

Last but not least, we have a more traditional ‘microphone’ build here with a larger condenser that stands next to your device with a tripod. That means it can really work for any device out there, aside from Androids — PC, Laptops, Macs, Xbox, all of the above. You can hook it up wither either a USB cable or TRRS 3.5mm, and the cable is around 6 feet long for a decent distance. The particular pickup pattern on this Android mic only takes what’s in front of it and cancels out the sides and back, so it’ll be great for uses such as podcasting, gaming, recording interviews, and more. Check out the ZaxSound Condenser as our last pick to be the best Android microphone in the market today.