The Best Microphone for Zoom Meetings

Our list of the best Zoom meeting microphones

Buying a new microphone for your Zoom meetings is appearing to seem like a smart investment as this year continues to move along. If you’re like us and so many people on planet Earth, we’ve spent most of our time this year at home either working, going to school or merely interacting with our friends, loved ones and communities online. That built-in mic into your computer, laptop let alone phone isn’t going to cut it anymore. In particular with these meetings, many of us use the program Zoom. Since we’re microphone experts and have many mics we use for Zoom meetings specifically, we wanted to recommend you all a list of our favorites to upgrade that centerpiece of our lives right now.

Best Zoom Microphones List

  1. Rode NT-USB (Computers)
  2. Samson Go Mic (Computers, especially laptops and those who travel)
  3. Shure MV5 (Everything — Computers, iOS, and Android devices)
  4. Samson G-Track Pro USB (Computers)
  5. Zoom iQ6 (Direct mounting to iPhones and iPads)
  6. Apogee MiC PLUS (iPhones, iPad, Computers)
  7. Beyerdynamic Phonum (Hands-free for computers and phones)

Before we get into our information about the picks, want to give you some important info on Zoom meeting microphones first. In our following list, we’ll switch it up when it comes to budget (we recommend at least $50-$100, but there are some more expensive models, too) and “microphone types” to give you some options. But right off the bat, we’re going to highly recommend a USB microphone for the majority of readers. They’re extremely easy to use — just plug-n-play them into your computer or laptop and you’re good to go. You’ll have to switch the ‘Zoom mic settings’ to the ‘USB device’ (if you need help, leave us a comment or click the link we just provided for help). Also keep in mind that USB mics work regardless of computer or operating system type, so it won’t matter if you’re on Windows or Mac.

Lastly, we understand that some of you also attend your Zoom meetings on your smart device or phone. We have articles that can help with this specifically such as best smartphone mic, best iOS mic or even Android microphone guides. Otherwise, we provided a few of our favorite smart device mics for Zoom meetings in this list below as well.

The Best Microphones for Zoom Meetings


Our favorite USB microphone for Zoom meetings

Great for: All computers

Up first, we have a traditional USB microphone that is going to in our opinion be suitable for many readers out there who need a microphone that can mount on a surface and sit right beside you as you conduct your Zoom call (comes with a built-in mic stand mount, pop filter, tripod base, USB cable, and case for carrying). Rode is one of our favorite mic brands out there and they’ve been legends for nearly 4 decades. They’re typically known for their studio microphones in the musician world but once they entered the USB game here they did not disappoint.

In regards to features and specs, most notably with this purchase is a high-end A/D conversion internally to give us a 16-bit with 48 kHz sample rate (standard for USB mics). There is also a convenient knob on the front panel to control headphone volume (with a separate jack), as well as a ‘monitoring knob’ to control hearing yourself in the mic. This is definitely higher-end USB mic as it’s intentions are for musicians and singers (hence the pop filter and what not), but with that mind, the Rode NT-USB helps us know we’re really getting top notch audio quality and no pesky sibilance (the most important part of Zoom meeting mics, right?).

If you want to save some money, you can also look into their Rode NT-USB Mini for cheaper (just around $100ish retail).

Samson Go Mic

A great cheap USB mic for Zoom meetings especially if you travel

Works with: All computers, especially laptops (a plus if you travel)

Let’s take a step down for a moment when to comes to budget for a Zoom microphone. We’ve been recommending the Go Mic for just about 5 years now in our guides for quite a few reasons. For one, the compact size is a huge plus for those who travel or want something a bit less intrusive next to them while they speak in their online conferences. It’s about the size of a wallet so you can keep it in your laptop bag, purse or even pocket for some. The price is also very reasonable at around the $50 retail (it will fluctuate at times).

Even more impressive is an integrated clip design that actually lets you clip the mic literally onto your laptop screen. It essentially goes right above the little webcam camera at the top of the screen (for most people). This for us is huge as it sits right in front of us out of the way and directed at where we’re speaking at in the first place. It has a few pickup patterns as well, with cardioid capturing what’s in front of the mic, or if i you need to capture everything around you for whatever reason, the Omni pattern can allow for that. The Samson Go Mic is just an all-around solid microphone for Zoom meetings, especially if you’re on a laptop, travel, or want a smaller and convenient solution for your upgrade.

Shure MV5

A very versatile dynamic microphone for Zoom meetings

Great for: All smart devices/computers — Mac, iOS, Windows, Android

As we continue our list of Zoom meeting microphones, here’s one of our favorite versatile mics out there regardless of intended use. This one spans across many platforms and devices — any computer, as well as any smart device. You can zoom all over. It comes with an included desktop stand, has a clear sound output, and has some control on the unit itself for volume as well. This Zoom mic is also great for traveling as it’s quite small and can also be disassembled if you need to make some room or keep it safe in a bag or suitcase.

This is the microphone we recommend many, especially if they’re on an Android device and want a great solution as compared to that little stock mic in there. For cables, the box actually comes with both a Micro-B to USB cable, as well as a Micro-B to Lightning cable. We love the Shure MV5 since it’s so suitable to so many different readers out there in the world.

Samson G-Track Pro USB

Our favorite USB mic ever due to it's sound quality

Applications: All computers

Here’s one of our favorite USB microphones of all time, and this may be a bit overkill for some of you just doing Zoom, but you never know if you want the best of the best. It has the best audio quality in a USB microphone we’ve seen so far, with 24-bit A/D conversion and a 96 kHz sample rate (just about double of many USB microphones out there, although the A/D conversion is more important, which here has 1/3 more than most). We also have some controls on the mic itself for volume and monitoring, and the built-in stand is very neat as well.

This one is also definitely geared towards musicians since it’s so meticulous in the internal build, but we can’t not recommend this one because we know at least a few of you take a liking to it. Perhaps you also want to get in to podcasting, gaming or making some music with it as well? Now is the time to get that passion going! Look into the Samson G-Track Pro if you aren’t messing around.

Zoom iQ6

A mountable microphone for Zoom meetings for your iOS devices

Great for: Mounting onto iPhones and iPads

Yes, different brand but same name (not intended!). The original ‘Zoom’ brand is quite legendary when it comes to wireless and portable microphone and other recording devices. This one is no different and is one of our favorite microphones for Zoom meetings if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to mount the microphone on the actual device itself. Since it mounts where you charger port goes and need to have the device actually face you while it stands, we know many who do so by flipping the screen settings in the smart device to allow you to stand it all up and speak that way.

In regards to some specs with the Zoom iQ6, we have

Apogee MiC PLUS

A higher-end microphone for Zoom conferences

Works with: iPhones, iPad, All Computers

If the previous picks weren’t hitting for you and you’ve made it this far, here’s another higher-end Zoom meeting microphone but this one is also extremely versatile in being compatible with just about any device Zoom works on (except Android, check out the previous MV5 for that). When the original Apogee MiC was first introduced into the mic game, we reviewed it and eventually had it in basically every guide we made for various applications.

The quality they packed into these things were very impressive, and it was one of the first higher-end microphones to work with iOS devices at all. The Apogee MiC Plus is an upgrade of that game changer and it includes higher-end internal circuitry called PureDIGITAL connection, and a whopping 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution and sample rate. The capsule inside is a premium cardiod capsule (this is even viable for some home studios who sing and record instruments), some headphones and volume control on the mic, as well as included tripod and mic stand mount. You’re good to go out of the box with this one. That price is high, but the quality is very worth it if you’re bold.

Beyerdynamic Phonum

A different approach to a Zoom microphone

Use: Those who want something hands free for computers and phones

Last but not least, we’ll throw this in here in case you’ve made it all the down this guide here. As a microphone for Zoom meetings that doesn’t really fit the build of the others, hear us out first. Use this particular device if you want an easy shape and size to place near you or even on top of your laptop or under your computer screen.

The Beyerdynamic Phonum is great for conference calls with multiple people in case you’re at a company where many of you partake in the Zoom meeting, or perhaps you and a friend for digital happy hour. The mic picks up 360 degree voice transmission and it most impressively can pick up an entire room, so you don’t need to make sure everybody is crowded near the computer (or even yourself, perhaps you want to walk around or demonstrate something in the room?).