The Best Dynamic Microphones Under $500

A new budget-friendly guide here on the best dynamic mics under $500

We’re glad you’re today, because a dynamic microphone for under $500 is bringing us immense power in both our recording and/or performance game. Dynamic mics are a special type of microphone — they’re known for their power and flexibility, and can capture just about anything you throw in front of them. Having at least a few dynamic mics in your toolbox is a staple-point for many musicians and broadcasters alike.

The Best Dynamic Microphones for Under $500

Electro-Voice RE20

The best dynamic microphone under $500

The RE20 is easily one of our favorite picks to rank as the best dynamic microphone under $500 on the market. It’s reputation can speak for itself if you search for it on any retail site — for most importantly it’s quality but durability and flexibility, too. This broadcast studio voice-over microphone has been used by professionals for years, thanks to the fact that it is smooth across a wide range of frequencies and can handle a high SPL.

With a bass tilt down switch, correcting the spectrum balance of a recording has never been easier. This feature facilitates long reach situations, giving great effect for acoustic and electric bass, and even kick drums. Its versatility makes the Electro-Voice RE 20 the perfect mic for broadcast or studio purposes. By singing or speaking right near the grille screen, performers won’t worry about ‘p-pops’ or sibilance. There is also a reduced transfer of external vibration sources. Lastly, it also includes several features a dynamic mic user needs, including a stand mount and carry case as its included accessories. Overall just a tank of a dynamic microphone here.

Sennheiser MD 421-II

A great dynamic mic under 500 by Sennheiser

If the RE-20 didn’t stand out to you and you are looking for another the best dynamic mic for $500 or less, or perhaps really all time, the Sennheiser MD 421 II should definitely feature on your shortlist. Sennheiser’s MD 421 has been an industry favorite for multiple decades, and its latest model has even more features that will delight users. Guitar and drum recording is a breeze with this mic as it has a large-diaphragm dynamic element that can process high-pressure sound levels, and vocals are also beautiful here with this one.

The five-position bass roll-off switch makes this microphone ideal for just about any instrument and vocal performances or broadcasts alike in case you want to cut off that low-end pre-mixing. With clear feedback rejection to enhance the quality of any recording, the Sennheiser MD 421 II offers warm, clear sound reproduction. Your purchase also includes a free microphone clamp for a 3/8’’ thread in the box. You might want to add the case to your shopping cart when buying the MD 421 II to keep your mic safe during travel as it doesn’t come with one.

Beyerdynamic M 88 TG

Beyer's ranking in our guide here

This dynamic is ideal for any vocals, bass drum, bass amp, and studio recordings. The quick as lightning transient response allows the M 88 TG to reproduce the kick drum’s complex sound pattern, provided an external pop shield is used.

The microphone’s frequency response spans between 30 – 20,000 Hz, and its dynamic transducer makes it a perfect accessory for any recording artist. Several podcasters find the Beyerdynamic M 88 TG offers them the outstanding sound quality that sets them apart from the competition with professional-sounding recordings. It’s widely regarded as ahead of its time, making it a sure-fire nominee for the best dynamic microphone under $500.

Shure KSM8

A legendary dynamic mic under 500 bucks

The KSM8 dualdyne cardioid handheld dynamic vocal microphone comes in sleek-looking finish and has dual dynamic diaphragms and reverse airflow that all but eliminate any proximity effect from vocal performance. This is what you’re paying for — extra security in regards to rejection of ambient noise for a better overall recording or performing signal. The KSM8 has a frequency response of 40 Hz – 16 kHz, giving the user wide-ranging usage options.

Weighing just 0.75 lbs., the Shure KSM8 is easy to handle and transport. The design is durable and rugged, meaning that it takes a lot to damage this piece of hardware. The internal windscreen and the mic’s capsule design reduce explosive pops during use, making it ideal for vocal performances while also offering impressive performance when used with instruments. With five-star ratings from pretty much anyone who uses this thing, this dynamic microphone is just legendary.

Telefunken M80

Many would say this is the best of all these dynamic microphones

Coming from a brand that many equate with sound excellence, the Telefunken M80 is no exception, making it the best dynamic microphone under $500 for thousands of users, amateurs, and professionals alike. Its super cardioid polar pattern and frequency range of 40 Hz to 18 kHz make the M80 a versatile, high-performance product that deserves a spot in any studio. Accessories included are a storage pouch and mic clip, although the 10-meter cable is sold separately.

Its durable design makes the Telefunken M80 perfect for the rigors of touring. The built-in Elektroakustik T80 transformer, together with the mic’s capsule assembly, offers results that users are raving about. A very warm and clear sound here. Great for really any thing you put in front if it — vocals, drums, guitar amps, etc. Additionally, the head and capsule assembly ensure the reduction of proximity effect and the appearance of upper mid-range feedback all but eliminated.

Shure SM57B

The last pick as the best dynamic microphone under 500 dollars

With close to thousands reviews and a near-perfect five-star rating, it is easy to see why many people see the Shure SM57B as the best dynamic mic for $500 or less to cap off our guide strong. This one is just classic. This microphone is designed to capture high-quality, smooth vocals that listeners will enjoy as it preserves the authenticity of the recording. Your purchase includes a detachable windscreen and a switch cover plate.

With its air suspension shock isolation and a pop filter, mechanical noise and breathiness will no longer be a problem. We’ve seen this used in way too many podcast setups. Getting more advanced with it’s build, the electromagnetic shielding ensures that hum from computer monitors and studio equipment never interferes with your recording. The microphone is durably constructed so that its cartridge is well-protected from any external forces. The Shure SM57B features a dynamic cartridge with a wide frequency response for crisp and clean sound reproduction to finish our guide with a classic.