The Best Dynamic Microphones for Under $50

Our list of the best dynamic mic for 50 dollars or less

Today we have one of our favorite mics in the spotlight at a very affordable price (the lowest you can go here). Dynamic microphones are usually used on instruments with a lot of low-mid energy. They are best for recording vocals. They are also used for podcasting, singing, recording multiple people in the same room, voice-overs and live performances.

Microphones come in different shapes and sizes with different price ranges. People might question whether a cheap dynamic microphone is worth the money or not. In reality, you should know that a very cheap ones are not too much better than a toy or a gimmick. One should be honest with oneself about what a dynamic microphone under $50 can and cannot do. If you do want to take a slight step up, you can read our guide on dynamic microphones under $100. Otherwise, we still are getting quite a lot of power and flexibility here with this list today.

One good case for the usage of dynamic microphones under $50 is the fact that these are especially good for those who are just getting into music recording or performing and don’t want to spend a lot of money just to shape their skills. Even within the $50 budget, you will be surprised by the quality that some of these microphones have. Many also buy a lot of these in bulk for different types of environments or applications, like recording large bands or choirs, for schools, venues, etc.

Yes, they have limitations like some have a simple diaphragm capsule setting, but there is nothing wrong with this setup. These kinds of limitations will not stop the microphone from performing like the ones with a price in the higher range in regards to efficiency.

The Best Dynamic Microphones for $50 or Less

Shure PGA48

The best dynamic microphone under $50

Up first, we have one of our favorite budget-friendly dynamic microphones under $50 in the entire market. The Shure PGA48 is a professional quality microphone with a highly durable design and construction. It has a good sound and is used for spoken word and karaoke performance. The Shure PGA48 has a cardioid polar pattern that picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise. It has a tailored microphone cartridge design for clarity in the standard frequency range of speech.

It has an on and off switch for discrete control of microphone operation, it has swivel adapter, stand adapter for mounting to a microphone stand, a zipper pouch and it comes with XLR or QTR cable for flexibility in gear choice. Just some great efficiency and overall power here for a really cheap price.

Sennheiser XS 1

Sennheiser's quality dynamic microphone under 50 dollars

The Sennheiser XS 1 has a rich, full professional live sound quality with a slight emphasis on the top end to help vocals cut through a loud mix. It is used for solo vocal performances, choir making and speech. The Sennheiser XS 1 has a handy silent mute switch that can be used to mute the microphone without distracting pops or clicks.

It can also be locked to the on position to prevent accidental muting. Its cardioid pick-up pattern provides additional isolation from unwanted sound and great feedback rejection. The capsule of the Sennheiser XS 1 is shock-mounted to minimize handling noise and it’s reputation definitely brings it into the dynamic mic under $50 consideration.

Shure SM48

Another beautiful $50 or less dynamic mic

The Shure SM48 is a cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, very good for performance. Its cardioid pickup pattern helps keep outside sound sources out and fight off annoying feedback. This dynamic microphone is best if used for lead vocals, backup vocals and spoken words.

It has a frequency response for vocals with brightened mid-range and bass roll off, cardioid pickup pattern that rejects off axis sound, has good gain before feedback, built in pop filter that reduces explosive breath sounds and wind noise and shock-mounted cartridge for ruggedness and reduced handling noise. Look in to the Shure SM48 for yet another beautiful pick in this guide.

Behringer XM1800S

A super cheap dynamic microphone

This dynamic microphone comes in a set of three high quality vocal and instrument dynamic microphones. The Behringer XM1800S has high signal output that makes your voice cut through, an ultra-low distortion for super clean sound.

Like most other dynamic mics, we also have an off-axis rejection eliminating feedback problems, presence lift in critical mid-range that gives the user maximum voice projection, and integrated pop filters. The rugged construction copes with the user’s toughest live assignments, and it also comes with a microphone stand adapter and an on and off switch. Yet another pick as the best dynamic microphone under $50 here by Behringer.

Samson R21

The R21 tops off our list of the best dynamic microphones under $50

Like the Behringer XM1800S, the Samson R21 comes in a set of three high quality, low impedance dynamic microphones for vocals. This dynamic microphone is good for live performance, recording and for touring musicians thanks to its rugged road proof design.

It has a warm natural sound, a tight cardioid pickup pattern for maximum gain before feedback, dual stage heavy duty windscreen, gold plated XLR connectors assuring positive connectivity, high output dynamic element and heavy gauge mesh and an anti-dent ring that protects from the rigors of heavy use. It withstands high sound pressure levels in case you want to record or perform some louder instruments as well, like drums.