The Best Dynamic Microphone for Vocals

Here's a small guide on the best dynamic microphones for vocals

What would the music industry be without dynamic microphones? This type of mic is simply needed in any type of recording or performance environment, and we know many musicians and performers alike who have multiple sets of quite a few of these mics in this article. We’ve surveyed quite a lot of different pathways when it comes to a microphone for vocals, but today we wanted to strictly focus on one of our favorites — dynamic microphones.

The Best Dynamic Microphone for Vocals

Shure KSM8

One of our favorite vocal dynamic mics ever

During your search for the best dynamic microphone for vocals or honestly just for a microphone that can do it all, this mic should definitely make your shortlist. The KSM8 dualdyne cardioid dynamic vocal microphone features two diaphragms made from ultra-thin materials. One is active and the other passive. Reverse airflow technology eliminates breathy sounds in a recording. Excellent proximity effect control allows for an increased distance between performer and microphone.

With neutral mid- and high-frequency reproduction from the enhanced proximity effect controls ensures a natural sound few other dynamic vocal microphones offer. In terms of build, the KSM8 was made for the demanding nature of performances as its hardened carbon steel grille provides protection against water damage, dents, or wind. Handling noises are eliminated by the Shure Pumping Pneumatic Shock Mount features. The Shure KSM8’s neodymium magnet is suspended in aerospace SoftMag material, increasing its magnetic field for excellent output levels. Just an overall amazing dynamic mic for vocals here.

Sennheiser MD 421-II

Arguably the best dynamic microphone for vocals

What makes the Sennheiser MD 421-II a contender in the category of the best vocal dynamic microphone is that it is a modern, improved take on the world-famous MD 421, which has been on the market for more than 30 years and acclaimed by thousands. With those credentials, it is little wonder that many artists insist on this microphone for performances both in and out of the studio. This sturdy dynamic vocal microphone has a five-position bass roll-off switch, making it ideal for instrumentals and vocals alike.

It is especially effective for group vocals and radio broadcasting. Most importantly, this one reproduces crystal clear sounds and prevents feedback from ruining a performance. Weighing just 385g, Sennheiser’s MD 421-II is compact and easy to transport. If you’re a numbers person, the microphone has a frequency response of 30-17,000 Hz, and both its nominal and minimum terminating impedance measure 200 ohms.

Telefunken M80

A hidden gym in the vocal dynamic mic game

The Telefunken M80 supercardioid dynamic handheld vocal microphone is ideal for live performances. Its thin membrane allows the mic to capture every note in your performance in the minutest of detail. The balanced response that the streamlined capsule design is only one aspect that makes the M80 an option for users looking for the best vocal dynamic microphone on the market. The M80 offers a level of consistency only a few other microphones can, meaning that it reproduces sound accurately, regardless of which mixing board it is plugged into.

With a custom-made wound transformer, the Telefunken M80 automatically matches any impedance, meaning you will never need to worry about inconsistent sound if you want to automate it. The microphone frequency is 50 Hz to 18,000 kHz, making it ideal for recording instruments, vocals, and multiple voices at once.


One of the best ever

Whether the user needs a microphone for a lead singer or backing vocalists, the D5 offers versatility and is a veritable workhorse that delivers on the user’s expectations. This professional dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone has a bandwidth of 70-20,000 Hz, and electrical impedance of 600 ohms.

When used for a live performance, we won’t fear mechanical noises will interrupt the music as the microphone’s dual shock mount eliminates most risk of this occurring. Instead, the audience can hear a super clear sound reproduction without any feedback or background noise ruining it. The AKG D5 is regarded by many as the best dynamic microphone for vocals, with outstanding ratings and selling in the mid-level price range. We can’t count how many times this has been raved about, especially in the dynamic microphone for vocals talk.

Sennheiser E835

Another legendary dynamic microphone for vocals

Here’s another legend. With a Sennheiser e835 in their hand, a lead artist can rest assured that they are holding what many users rate as the best vocal dynamic microphone, which clearly reproduces sound regardless of where they are. The e835 is perfect for home recording, semi-pro studios, and live performances.

Because it features minimal proximity effect capability, the sound’s consistency remains clear even if the singer moves a bit farther away from the mic during a performance. Its rugged construction makes the e835 a worthy part of a live performer’s equipment as it can withstand the rigors concerts and tours present. The e835 is lightweight and delivers a frequency response of 40-16,000 Hz with a minimum terminating impedance of 1,000 ohms. Lastly, the Sennheiser e835 comes with a clip and travel pouch to boot.

Shure SM7B

This microphone is great for literally any application

Users have found this effective for instrument recording, but especially for vocal recordings such as singing and podcasting. Look at any photo of a podcast setup and you’re most likely going to see this backwards mounted mic in the setup. This alone should reassure the user that this could well be the best dynamic microphone for vocals and a worthy investment. The SM7B’s wide-range frequency response means that sound clarity and authenticity are retained regardless of background noise that causes unnecessary distortion.

With air suspension shock isolation and a pop-filter, mechanical sounds and breaths are eliminated in both singing and speaking. Advanced electromagnetic shielding means that humming from equipment will never interfere with the quality of a recording again. The Shure SM7B has received rave reviews online with tons of stars based on its sound quality, ease of use, durability, connectivity, and other features.