Samson Stage X1U Wireless USB Microphone Review

We review the new X1U USB Microphone by SamsonCall us unaware, but this is the first time we’ve seen a wireless microphone that uses USB connectivity (at least worth looking at). One of our favorite brands over at Samson Tech has recently released this, so we wanted to give it a review to see exactly what it was about. The reason they call it ‘stage’ is because it’s a handheld microphone that can operate wirelessly up to 100 meters away. Although that’s awesome for performances, we still love this as a multi-use mic for studios, computers with gaming and pocasts, and more. Let’s analyze the specs of the Samson Stage X1U Microphone.

Main features and specs of the Samson Stage X1U

  • Digital handheld microphone
  • Operates via USB
  • Comes with USB receiver to communicate with mic
  • Compatible with Mac, PC or iPad
  • 100′ wireless range
  • 1-touch mute buttonvolume controls on unit
  • 8 hours battery life from two AA batteries (not included!)
  • Dimensions (boxed – HxWxD): 11.5″ x 6.25″ x 3″

Design and features

A solid wireless mic for the priceThis is one of the first of its kind and we’re definitely predicting a new trend that will follow here. Wireless USB mics using a USB transmitter to communicate with the microphone itself will be the new standard for USB mics once we’re able to get around some of the quality issues we’re still having. Not that this particular model is ‘low-quality’, but the range will probably fall short for you as opposed to their 100′ claim.

You’ll also get a 1-touch mute button on the mic itself, as well as volume controls for some easy access to adjust your sound. Lastly, if you’re actually planning on use this as a desk mic, it comes with a nice little tripod stand and mic clip to keep it snug wherever you want to fit it.

Overall build and stability

The overall stability of the microphone is relatively decent. When we’re talking Samson products, we aren’t getting anything too cheap as far as knockoffs go. They’re well-known for their affordable, average built electronics and gear. It isn’t necessarily a steel Shure make or anything, but if you check the price tag, it makes sense and is worth what you’re paying for.

In terms of recommend applications of the X1U mic, Samson has stated it’s best for lectures, presentations, karaoke, podcasts, video conferencing and more. However, we see it working for any other types of use in the office or any low-budget performanceshow which calls for an easy wireless solution. We really wouldn’t recommend using it for a real performance on-stage in front of an audience as it isn’t as reliable as some of the heavy hitting wireless mic models out there. The fact that it’s a smaller USB transmitter tells us it’s not worth trusting as opposed to a real transmitter — although it may work, it’s just not worth the risk. If you’re looking for a cheaper recording mic it could work as well, although we’d recommend just getting a wired USB microphone because a wireless model isn’t necessarily a must for that (and wired models are more trustworthy in the studio).

Audio quality

We’re quite satisfied with what the norm has become in terms of audio quality for microphones nowadays. The Stage X1U in particular has quite feasible audio quality, albeit rather standard if you’re comparing it to other USB microphones in the market. It doesn’t come near the warmth or overall power provided by XLR-connected studio condenser microphones; however, for the recommend applications, this mic gets the job done (we didn’t expect it to, considering how expensive those pro mics are). It won’t be bad nor amazingly great — you’re getting a mic that will go unnoticed in terms of quality, which is ultimately a positive because that’s something people don’t think about during lectures, presentations or podcasts.

If you want it to work with your iPad, you’ll need the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (30-pin) which will cost a few extra bucks. However, once you’ve got this, you’re good to go with a nice wireless setup for your smart device. No complaints there.

The verdict on the Samson Stage X1U Microphone

The accessories that come with the X1U microphone

The tripod stand, mic clip and USB transmitter.

You’ve got a simple, not over-the-top wireless microphone (in terms of additive features to jack up the price) for your home office or simple presentation. Using a not as common USB transmitter, it’s super convenient not only for traveling but fitting it into your existing setup nicely. The tripod it comes with is excellent for keeping it snug on your desk, and if you need to use it while standing or moving around, the handheld build is perfect for any lecture or presentation. As stated previously, it isn’t a professional performance mic or recording XLR model, but you probably already knew that.

All in all, the Samson Stage X1U Wireless Microphone is an awesome digital mic that will satisfy your simple needs. If it’s what you’re looking for, we wouldn’t hesitate to grab it.