The Best Wireless Handheld Microphones

As we venture into the big world of wireless microphones, today we wanted to focus on one of the most common ‘types’ — the handheld wireless mic. Although these are known to have a pretty large budget, especially when we get into advanced wireless mic systems that professionals use on stage, there are also some […]

The Best Wireless Microphones Under $200

Having no cables attached, wireless microphones operate through built-in battery-operated radio transmitters that convey the audio signal from the microphone by radio waves to a nearby receiver unit, which then retrieves the audio for everybody else’s ears. It is very convenient and used specially by live performers, broadcasters, etc. We’ll admit, wireless microphones in general […]

The Best Condenser Microphones for Vocals

The amazing condenser microphones are the best type of microphone for recording pretty much any source you need, mainly due to it’s sensitivity in being able to pickup very fine detail of what is directed at it, as well as the power it can provide when it comes to flexibility of sound and how we […]